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I work for Partners In Health ( on the construction team for their New National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. We are in need of carpenters to volunteer with us and travel to Haiti to do finish work on the hospital. 

***Does anyone have any suggestions on good places to look for or find volunteers? Or anyone they would suggest?

Here's some more information on the project:

Information on volunteering:
8 day minimum (Saturday to following Sunday)
September 2011- May 2012
We provide, travel, accommodation, food, water and all tools needed. 

Disclaimer: Volunteers must be in general good health, have all required vaccinations for Haiti, and have a valid US Passport. Volunteers must have a willingness to volunteer for a minimum of 8 days, to live in clean but very simple conditions (electricity and running water), and to eat very basic but sanitary local food and purified water. Must have an openness to working with people from a different culture. All volunteers must attend a one-hour volunteer orientation and security briefing and sign required paperwork prior to departure.

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Best of luck.  I'm sure you've contacted church groups/habitat operations-they are always taking on projects.

Unions might be another source, either journeyman members or even their apprentices.

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


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I just linked to your post here on my facebook page. It sounds like a great service trip! Good luck recruiting.

For those who are interested in this and other service "vacations" that put your skills to good use where they do a world of good, I'd like to share an experience I had and urge anyone interested to contact the community.

Two years ago my children and I spent the summer in the Kitezh Children's Community near Kaluga, Russia (about 5 hours outside of Moscow). They also have a sister community, Orion, which is only an hour or two outside of Moscow. This community is a collection of like minded families who joined together to build a town for foster children.

They have build the entire community by themselves, often with the help of volunteers. The town has been arranged in a circle to symbolize never being lost. The buildings are designed with a nod to the Russian fairy tales. The families live communally, helping each other with construction, maintenance, dining (they have a community dining hall), schooling, and therapy for the kids.

They also have a program to teach foreigners Russian. If you're looking for an adventure short-term or longer, visit The photos below:

  • The "center of town" after a rain
  • the post that a woodworking volunteer made to mark "the center" of town in front of the "dub" (big oak tree)
  • The schoolhouse
  • The chapel

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