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Wood Framing Conractor Needed ASAP in Westchester county, NY

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I am a high end General Contractor in Westchester County, NY and I am looking for a quality wood framing contractor for some current and upcoming projects. Please reply if interested or if you know of a framing contractor. Thanks

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Hi BobR71,


Sorry, im new to the forum, doesnt look like my reply posted.  Looks like your opperating out of Westchester County, i dont think im too far south of you in the Bronx.  Im not an experienced framer, but looking to get into carpentry more, and wanted to reach out to someone in the field.  I currently do some freelance exhibition carpentry, drywall and metal stud, mdf case assembly.  So im interested in residential framing, re-model, i guess a bit of everything, and would like to find out where to search to get started? How many hours a week is it usually? Whats the average pay rate?  Thanks for taking the time to look this over, sorry i had to post on the forum, i couldnt message you.  


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