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Coffee shop renovations

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Coffee shop renovations (post #208993)

Here are some photos of another project I did over the summer. Full gut and renovation for a coffee shop changing owners.

I wish I would have taken some more photos before we gutted the place. It was pretty dark and dingy. You had to walk through this weird smokey hallway to get in. The whole place reaked like old cigarattes, and had a terrible purple paint job. Just generally unpleasant and unwelcoming.

We ended up gutting the entire place, demoing the weird raised floor. Got rid of the old windows, put in a sidewalk entrance, and sliding garage door windows with soapstone counters. Reclaimed heart pine and hemlock bench seats and privacy wall for the bathroom. Custom site built maple cabinets. marmoleum floor. Lotsa fun stuff.

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Really nice work. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Did you use the prefinished ply for the interior of the cabinets? If not, how did you finish?

Pic # 25, the rough sawn shelf that you show. How did you get the finish on that? Light planing, leaving the aged patina / stains on the rougher parts of the board, etc.?

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I built the cabinets out of unfinished maple ply. The owners wife wanted to do the finishing herself. So I let her take of that. I made up some samples with general finishes black water based stain, and general finishes water based poly. She did a nice job with it, maple can be pretty tricky. Im kind of worried about the durabilty of the poly, but theyre happy with it.


For the rough sawn stuff, we ran it through the planer a few times, just enough to flatten it out a bit and expose a bit of the fresh wood underneath. Wiped it down with some mineral spirits and took a wire brush to the edge grain to clean it up. Finish is just high-build poly. The tongue and groove pine paired with the rough sawn stuff was just wiped down and treated with a linseed oil finish.

This is such a great and (post #208993, reply #3 of 7)

This is such a great and beautiful renovations! Congratulations! Anyway, I'm a new member of the forum si it's my first time seeing your post! Great!

Godd work........   (post #208993, reply #4 of 7)

Godd work........


thumbs up.    how is the (post #208993, reply #6 of 7)

thumbs up. 


how is the coffee????

Thank you, I ve find a lot of (post #208993, reply #7 of 7)

Thank you, I ve find a lot of ideas!