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drawing stage

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this is gonna be my next fun project- should start makin sawdust 7-2/7-3.

lets see how close the project is to the drawing...

sorry if the drawing takes a while - If I make it smaller I lose the flute detail

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That's pretty neat. I have almost exactly the same project except only one side of the fireplace and all the way to the ceiling.

How do you plan to handle the junction of mantle and fireplace? Will you use a scribed filler to compensate for the mantle overhang or will you cut off the mantle to slide the unit in next to whatever the fireplace face is?

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and the top will be mounted with trim head screws from inside adjacent cabinets & glued to cleat like this

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Not only am I forgetting to make the drawings smaller, I'm not saving them as jpg's!

pretty good, huh?

here is the whole project-maybe I'll get it rire this time

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one more & I promise I'll stop...
this is the detail where side of marble surround meets cabinet

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Almost got it! Greg- yer mantel needs to be jacked up a little on the right side.Nice drawing, Bob

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had some fun this week- at least a couple days, anyway

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just about ready for stain

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finish product minus doors

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Beautiful Greg-you do nice work! Bob

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Thanks Bob-

here it is installed

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Nice fire.


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Looks nice, Greg. I like that you used baseboards instead of a toe kick space. The fluted columns and cornice molding seem to be the right proportion for the cases, no easy task. Just one question--how do you open the doors?


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Nice job!!! Looks nice installed.

Where are you going to put the big screen TV?!!!!


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I believe the TV is made of IPE, w/ an oil finish.

Beautiful job Greg.

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Thanks for the nice words everybody! Mike- touch latches on the doors

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Nice workmanship!
Did you do the design work too? I assume so from the original rendering.
Have you considered proposing a painted crown for the whole room? That would really tie it alltogether!

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thanks, Piffin- yeah, I design most of my projects w/client input. Real big on makin sure the customer knows EXACTLY what I am building.
This is what I am on now(attached)

I did suggest a crown thruout the room, these clients could barely afford what I did build.

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Any way to lose that pantry between the range and the refer? You'll need counter space for unloading a boiling pot or taking the fixins out of the refer. Also, the design shown would need aflame gaurd alongside the range top. Good kitchen design always looks for at least 15" top at side of each 18" is better.
Hoping you take this as helpful criticism. I know sometimes clients demand that "________", ignore my advice and regret it later. You're on the right track with making sure they can see it first though.

The space above the refer is ideal for a lift door like shown in "need a tile guy" I think by ron teti.
It uses a lift hinge from sugatsune.

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yeah, piffin, this is one of those where the client knows best- When I told her about what will happen to the side of the pantry she said she never cooks anyway- she has an awesome Okeefe & Merrit stove, too.

that hardware isn't a hinge, just a lid stay(or a "soft down stay", as they call it)

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"she said she never cooks anyway-"
Wouldn't you like to be married to her? HUH?
I think I built one for her......LOL

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Wonder if she's gopt a nice bed she never sleeps in and a BMW she never drives?

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here is my next one- clear lacquer on white maple- less than 2 miles fom my shop!

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Now that's a kitchen!

Fridge to the right as I see the picture?

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Looks like the soffet above the sink will already be drilled for canlights.That'll be great in case you leave your screw gun up there again.hehe

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piffin-yep, refer to the right, along w/ a pantry & asst. others...

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You must've scanned that one in just for me! Love it! Can't wait to see this one.

Prodek - They used to put cords on tools for retrieval from deep holes.
That reminds me of one I'll post on 'close calls'

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Here's the next one- Last one is stacked in the shop waiting for tapers that should've been done weeks ago.owner of his one is a 6'6" or so K-9 cop- the dog Bosco is so cool-& his retired police dog dad Osco- great people to work for-