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Dryer Wall Vent installation

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You may have seen the ads for the Dryer Wall Vent in FHB, since I installed one last fall and it turned out to be a good product I thought I'd post a few pics and a review.  I used a vinyl light block to eliminate the gap between the vent and the siding.  It's just a standard block from the big box store with the center blown out of it. Installation was pretty straightforward, you cut off the existing pipe and the new vent should fit.  I say should because my existing pipe  needed minor bending.  Check the dry fit, caulk top and sides, press it together, done.  Overall it looks great, closes tight, and there have been no problems with it even in really bad weather.

Dryer running


Dryer off

I prefer the (post #211140, reply #1 of 1)

I prefer the coffee-can-on-an-ell style -- ugly, but full flow, very tight sealing, and quite resistant to clogging.

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