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An elliptic bedroom ceiling

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An elliptic bedroom ceiling (post #214249)


Our client wants his bedroom framed with an elliptic ceiling. Fortunately I find rafters and ceiling joists in the attic. We have never done this before, but like so many of our projects, we are not afraid to tackle tasks that even angels dare  not take on! :)

The owner gives us a rudimentary sketch. My son renders a design on-site on his lap top. We re-frame the ceiling and install profiled “ribs” on all rafters. We apply a layer of ½” thick, flex-plywood. Over this I lay self-adhering mesh (used in exterior  EIFS applications). I follow up with a synthetic stucco base coat. Then I apply an intermediate coat. I pay special attention to the inside corners of the ellipse. A final coat of “pseudo plaster” is applied. The owner is asked to give his input at all stages, so that the end product meets his expectations. The ceiling is primed and painted.  A ceiling tray hides a rope of lights that cast a twilight glow on the ceiling…perfect for falling asleep!

Our happy customers hands us two bottles of beer, and we toast the successful completion of a difficult job.



Mel Fros

Mel (post #214249, reply #1 of 2)

Do you have more early on photos?  Interested in the start to finish of your reframing.


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Calvin, thanks for your (post #214249, reply #2 of 2)

Calvin, thanks for your interst. The complete, illustrated article can be found at

After you have read it and looked at the photos I'll be happy to answer further questions. Essentially, existing ceiling joists were removed and relocated at aprox 9.5' from the floor. The key is to rough frame all side of the room so that "ribs" (curve-cut 3/4" thick plywood) can be fastened to the rough framing at even intervals. Now 1x2 boards are nailed to these ribs, creating the curved backing for the bendable plywood.Plywood, cut to 18" wide x 48" long, is screwed to the backer. Thie process generates an aproximation of the ellipse. The ellipse become more clearly defined as coats of what we call "pseudo plaster are applied. I cut the profile of an inside corner from a stiff plastic sheet, and used it to guide me is laying coats of plaster. The final coat is applied "free style" and smoothed out with a drywall sponge. Together with the owner, we break congratulatory bottles of beer (photo).

Mel Fros

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