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excellent material for making butcher...

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What personal project ?

What excelent materials ?

Where's yer pics ?

b : )

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Warning, Heat will release the toxic chemicals in PT lumber. Soaking in that hot tub might not be very healthy.

Liked the Butcher block cutting table though

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-piffin -
I didn't know that about the toxic chemicals in PT lumber or soak in the hot tub might not be very healthy.
Thanks for the nice comment aboutI the Butcher block cutting table.


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beautiful work...nice kitchen too from what I can see.
Good Luck

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Thanks for the nice comment, I have a lot more projects to show and when the opportunity permit I will display them on my web site.
Thanks again!


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I got to thinking, maybe you've invented the perfect cure for toenail fungus - a soak in hot arsenic water.

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Now that I think about it we never use soak in hot tub.

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Here is an island we poured in place for a kitchen project.