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Finally finished,,,whewww

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Looks like I posted my pix in someone elses site....woops.Here they are again in my own thread.....Worked for almost three years on this. Was a cape and with two guys I ripped most of it down and reconstructed this. the curved gambrels were a [CUTE LITTLE PUPPY] but hey, it was an interesting experiance.
Ended up doing most all the work myself after the framing as I ran out of money...same ol' story. Did all the oak flooring (3000sq ft)tile, granite, marble work, stair railing with goosenecks, valutes and that whole shabang as well as the the the...ugh..alone....I'm done..yee ha! All 4000 sq ft of it. Now back to the real world.

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Purrrdeeeee, Andy nice job. All by yourself huh.

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Yes, great job, Andy! You look like a proud papa in some of your pictures. And rightfully so. I love all the curves and peaks. It's a really handsome house and with the mature plantings it looks like a classic from a hundred years ago. Who says they don't build them like they used to. Nice work!


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Now that's a nice looking house.

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Nice job Andy. Congratulations!!

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Looks top notch!
Gonna take a few days off?