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Finally Started On The Greenhouse

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12X24' greenhouse. 8X12' storage area in back. 8X24' deck. The greenhouse & storage area will have a polycarb roof, with removeable 6 mil plastic sides. About a 7' eave height, with about 10' at the ridge. Homebuilt trusses with collar ties. Entire thing will be decked with 5/4X6" treated. Posts are 4X6" and others are 6X6". A rose trellis with the same X-section as the GH will be on the front.


I'm not going to let my wife (post #183191, reply #1 of 2)

I'm not going to let my wife see this thread.

Why? The 8X24' deck is the (post #183191, reply #2 of 2)

Why? The 8X24' deck is the "north" Biergarten. I can step off of it and have a 75 yard shot (bow) to the last target on the range. The "south" Biergarten is on the "Temple of Q," which is over by the shop, and the beer fridge. I'll have to put a little fridge in the storage area to keep a few Guiness and Corona cold.
Women are just play-dough. You gotta know how to spark their "knead..." ;-)