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finishing even the painting.alone

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Not only installed all the windows and doors but even did most of the trim painting alone...geez what a dope

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Andy -

you got some nice equipment to work with.-I don't feel bad for you being alone.

When I was a kid I walked six hundred and seventy two miles to school every day- up hill in the snow with no shoes- both ways!

Your work is exceptional-

bring it on


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dougy.. did yur ma bake some potatoes to put in yur pockets to keep yur mits warm?

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yeah she did mike. but my brother stole 'em. he got killed by a pack of wild dogs cuz we didn't have no drawn butter and chives- go figure

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dougy.... i tole ya to keep the chives away from the milch cow....

that's what spoilt the cream .. so it wooden yur bro. got et by wilt dogs... all cause of a few chives...

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wisht you were there. coulda saved a burien.