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Finishing the peak

ANDY_C._CLIFFORD's picture

Finishing the peak with no one below to catch me if I fall.....right.I was alone...I have a GREAT pix of me sitting on a platform that I built for a tub and marbled it....getting more and more dismayed at this endless project...flipping the bird with a caption above me that says "Renovate This" cept I'm afraid Fine Homebuilding will be pissed if I show it.....
I was so fed up.fired the three stooges plumbing team...what a horror they were....finished the plumbing alone as well.Would love to post that pix of me...too funny...
More pix to come

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ANDY- Nice work! A little suggestion- Please make one title like "Re-finishing a house" then post all your pictures and titles to that one Title.
That way you won't shove everyone else off the board.
Nice work, keep posting pictures.