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formica countertop

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Recently I put a new laundry room on my main floor. I wanted to put an undemount sink in but did not want to spend the money on a solid surface. So I purchased a formica top , mounted the sink then used an epoxy grout. In order to match the top I went to the kitchen and found three different coca powders. I then sprinkled them onto the wet grout and allowed them to color the grout. once the grout dried the color locked in. 

And what did you ............ (post #197986, reply #1 of 6)

seal the particle board edge with b/4 applying the epoxy grout?

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You did a remarkable job of (post #197986, reply #2 of 6)

You did a remarkable job of blending the colors and texture. But are you sure it will stand up to all the moisture and abuse? It takes VERY little moisture penetrating the particle board to ruin it.

between the stainless and the (post #197986, reply #3 of 6)

between the stainless and the particle board is a bead of silicon. the particle board has a sealer on it as well. I brought the grout out to the edge of the sink so it is flush; this will reduce the chance of water seepage. I don't think I would chance it on a fixture that gets more use. 

>>>I don't think I would (post #197986, reply #4 of 6)

>>>I don't think I would chance it on a fixture that gets more use.

Right... Somehow I thought this was a kitchen, but on second read I see it's a laundry room. As long as you're careful I think it will be fine.

Undermount sink with laminate (post #197986, reply #5 of 6)

Had the same challenge with an undermount.  Ended up using a Karran edge series stainless.  It gives a "sharp" edge at the sink/countertop interface but so far seems to be working nicely.  It's been installed about 4 months now.  The other option we looked at was called a "Counter-Seal" which has a bonded acrylic ring around it...but that has to match the color or go with a contrast.

Sink (post #197986, reply #6 of 6)

That's a damn fine match to the color of the counter top! I'm planning on doing the same thing with a new countertop I'm building next week; it's black laminate microdot Formica with a stainless steel drop in sink. I just ordered graphite power powder additive for west system epoxy and will be following the instructions from the fine home building article "Give a custom look to a common sink" FHB July 2004 ( but i am going to try to pour the epoxy with the counter already in place). Just an idea but i slather on west system whenever i have a fear of water soaking into wood. Any future sink installs with a drop in sink in a laminate covered plywood or particle board i would coat the substrate before dropping the sink in. Probably overkill but i hate rot.