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Indoor pool room (Part 1 - construction)

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Installed an Endless Pool in the basement of my house.  I'm not in the trades, so this forum was very helpful for information, tips, and ideas.  Did all the work myself except for the spray foam insulation, drywall finishing, and tile.

The first and second photos are looking into the pool room from the basement and show the rigid insulation and framing.

Third photo (I call it the Easter egg photo), shows the unfaced batt insulation on exterior walls, rigid insulation separating the rest of the basement (taping of seams not finished in this shot), and a little of the 3" closed cell spray foam in the ceiling separating the sun room that is above.  Good shot of the equipment room.

Fourth shows the Durock and paperless drywall finished with Easy Sand.  Good shot from inside the room looking out at the double pocket door opening to the rest of the basement.

Fifth has the drywall painted and installation of the Kerdi membrane for flood control.

Sixth shows the Endless Pool walls installed with the framing around them and partially finished steps.  3/4" OSB covering all surfaces with two 3/4" layers for all horizontal surfaces.

Seventh shows Durock covering pool deck and stairs.  Beginning tile installation.

Eighth shows finished tile.

    Wow, very nice. (post #201101, reply #1 of 2)



Wow, very nice. Everything looks tight and professional.


Great looking installation. (post #201101, reply #2 of 2)

Great looking installation. Thanks for posting the photos!