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Indoor pool room (Part 2 - finished pool and equipment room)

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First photo shows finished pool with security cover installed.  Vendor states that with security cover in place 99-100% of humidity is retained in the pool.  Been operating the pool for a year now and I’d say they are correct.

Second shows the pool with the security cover retracted.  Good shot of the propulsion unit (under the white dumbbells).

Third is a good shot of the interior of the pool showing the liner and the deep area in the center of the pool.

Fourth is the inside of the equipment room showing the stacked equipment.  Top shelf is the propulsion motor and heater.  The grey box on the wall is the power distribution and control panel.  Bottom shelf holds the hydrotherapy jets pump, water purification pump, and canister filter.

Fifth is a good shot of the piping and hydraulic lines (black) that run to the front of the pool.

Sixth shot is looking into the crawl space at the front of the pool showing all the piping and connections.  Also shows the floor-sucker pump in case of leak (automatic water sensor to turn on the pump removed for clarity).


Other comments: Humidity hasn't been an issue but I tried to build the room with moisture control in mind.  Primary moisture control is the security cover, then backed up with a 380CFM fan that runs at 3 sones.  Finally, I set up a normal mid-sized household dehumidifier in the room.

Thanks to all for your assistance during this long build out.

I want to swim too! (post #201106, reply #1 of 2)

What an attractive and beneficial addition to your home! I love the tile work. I know I'd swim here much more than my outdoor pool.

When you find something you're good at, stick with it!

Most awesome. Looks like (post #201106, reply #2 of 2)

Most awesome.

Looks like great design and execution.

Thanks for the pics.