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New Scanner, Recent Job Pics

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Just got the scanner hooked up. I hope these come through ok.
Job was a porch addition for one of our favorite customers.

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Here is another, we are adding the trim and getting ready to run siding on the gable. When I get the rest developed I will post them.

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Is it the scanner or are the shingles different shades?? The rest looks good.

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Thank you Nigel, The new shingles are the same color name. Just that much difference in the shading and age.

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Tim: What Scanner are you using and are those just paper photos straight from the processor? By the way the pictures look good. Any Ballustrade?

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Rich, thank you. The scanner is a ScanMagic. Earthlink sent it and a Lexmark printer to me when I switched to them for my internet service. The photos are paper photos. I scanned them in to the computer and cropped them with Picture It Express. No ballustrade. The porch is low enough that code did not require it and the home owner wanted to make the entry as open and inviting as possible.

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Here is another one of the front of the house. This before moving a window or having the slab poured.

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This is after the window was moved to allow the porch to center between them.