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Photographing interiors

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I remember reading a great article in FineHomebilding about how to photgraph interiors. The author used typical shop lights hidden behind kitchen islands. I have searched but cannot find that article. It was probably about 2 years ago. Any help?

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I think the article you describe actually appeared in JLC. The piece is by Steve Greenberg and appeared in the July 2007 issue.

I know that doesn't fit your two-year timeframe, but as editors we often find people think articles have run more recently than they reallly did.

Since moving from JLC to FHB, I've learned a lot about architectural photography. I think Steve's methods are a little more complicated than is really necessary. Rather than use a bunch of lights, I find it better to use a tripod and super-long exposures. Be sure to turn on all the house lights and hide the clutter.

If you have any other specific questions, post them here and  I'll try to help.

Patrick McCombe

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Thanks Patrick!

Wow was I off! 4 years and completely diffeernt magazine.

Actually I try to do both natural and lights and see what looks best back at the office.

It is true about the clutter. More than once everything looks good then back at the office I see the orange extension cord.

Still nothing matches the pros. I wish I could arrange several sites for them to photo in a day. It is just too expensive for one kitchen. But the pros really do have that extra punch.

Thanks again