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Can anyone help me here. Obviously I can't get this picture to post but you can see what I have. What am I missing???

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You are trying to post an url that is password protected.

Browse to the picture that you want to post. Do so as a non-logged-on person would. Once you can see the picture on your own screen, right click on the picture and choose copy image location. Then come back here and paste into the edit box.

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Sorry guys, I'm still working on getting this picture posted. I've enlisted the help of a CWiz. Hope to post soon!!


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Try this...

Save the picture to your desktop.

Go down to the bottom of this page to make another post.

Below the edit box, there is a grey 'browse' button. Hit that button.

Now 'browse' to your desktop, and select that picture.

Hit enter, then, when the browse window is gone, hit the 'post my message' button.

Once you have posted, wait for the file to finish uploading before you do anything else. When it is finished, you will see your new post on the screen, with the pic linked in it already.

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Guess that didn't work to good toooooo.