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summer build

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summer build (post #206886)

Building a shop for the grandkids, got the permit in May, roof on, siding going on now.  Some pics, maybe help breath some life back into this place?>?

Put it about right in the middle of this pix



first dig, bought another toy, welding on a thumb

footing in last June

floor sheathing is 2 layer of 13 ply 18mm baltic birch (free wood, from 737 rudder pallets)


Setup 2 chop saw to cut 2x8 studs to length - free wood from 757 engine cowling pallets, no2 and better SYP.


Built a wall jack from 2" pipe and $15 garage sale electric winch, 1000# wall sections, again sheathing is the 5 ft x 10 ft 18mm baltic birch - up it goes


Some random diy scaffold pic and roof going on


lotsa surplus lumber used, everything except the 2x8 ceiling joist is salvage

3 tab going on, finished 2 weeks ago, doing siding now, will try to add more pic later.



Life (post #206886, reply #1 of 2)

I dunno, seems just fine.

But thanks for posting.

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


Thanks for posting the pics. (post #206886, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks for posting the pics. Always interested in following along when someone else has a project.