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Thanks For The Help

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Thanks For The Help (post #187966)

In these images the project isn't yet completed but I thought I'd share them, anyway. 

I enclosed the patio so my wife and daughter could use it as a room for their crafting.  I imagine using it with the screen doors in place and the patio doors wide open.  I think this is called a lanai.  We don't have air conditioning; the on-shore ocean breeze is enough, so keeping the doors open is not a problem.

It's done by a serious DIY guy (me) and that is the best I could afford.  I built it working alone except I hired a local firm to do the torch-down roof (they finished the day before we got our first rain of the season). 

I'm currently installing the electrical wiring.  After that, I need flooring and some touch-up painting.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train.


I really like your house, it (post #187966, reply #1 of 2)

I really like your house, it is such a simple yet conducive to live for. The same thing that I wanted when I had to build my dream house is thatt I don't want to put air condition. So, I am planning to choose a well ventilated area that produce cool wind breeze. Maybe if I have already sufficient money to put my house, I'' just turn to Craigslist  to look for the right stuff that could help a lot and as well as in interior design of my house.

Thank you for the compliment, (post #187966, reply #2 of 2)

Thank you for the compliment, ThessO.  It is a modest home.  I feel this has improved it a bit.  Without the help I received from those on the board the project would have turned out less well than it has.  

Thanks to all.