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wreck of the hesperus

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My next project- god willing and the owner don't run outa money again.

I grew up in this house- you can see it predated housetrailers.

It was a nice place until my folks moved out and the termites moved in.

I have already put a basement under it- raised the first floor six inches and leveled it- replaced all the first floor walls excepting that front room- and now we start...

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first thing is a room off to the right- for the dog and for the harley...


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finished slab

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Howabout a "cncwk4.jpg" ??

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sorry- how bout this

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outside wall going up

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raising a header-

ain't brain surgery- but when you're the only guy- build em a layer at a time and toe that jack over and up she goes

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Dat woiks.

Looks like you have my vacation home sitting outside there too.

b : )

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skip ahead a bit-

rafter ready to scribe-

I do this a lot when working back into existing roofs-

I'm not a math guy- plumb bobs and strings and t-bevels mostly

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so I'm slow but steady

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dog and harley house framed and sheeted-

next- felting in and building some door frames one door for bike to fit thru and salvage some old commercial glass doors for rear exit

pictures later

oh yeah- gotta move a tree to build the front of this pagoda- next week sometime...

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you can live here anytime- i got work fer ya

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WORK ????

Work ??

I talk about a vacation home, and you already have me paying for the kids' college edmucashun.

b : )

Get out yer old college dictionary. Look up unreliable. See right there under the words ? That's my picture.


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hub...nice to see the sun finally came out..

and don't forget to open the door before you drive the harley out

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wasn't a bad end to the day-

I bet i'll get to open the door anyway