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cement block warehouse home conversion

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house prices here in nashville tennessee have skyrocketed and have moved out of sanity range.  i found a great deal on a cement block warehouse with steel beams and tin roof that looks in great condition for its age (1977) and zoning will allow me to live in it.  i can also rent out part of it for storage or offices.  my problem is that only 900sq ft is finished and the rest is original cement block walls without insulation or framing.  it has been used as a cabinet woodworking custom shop so its got incredible electric boxes and ventilation already installed.  what i am wondering is how much i should figure on per square foot to build out?  i would like to finish an additional 1,200 sq ft for the "house" part and 5,000 sq ft for offices and storage.

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Good luck getting anything even close to an answer.

youll need to spec your wishes and get bids accordingly.


you might get lucky and rcv an answer from someone in Tennessee that can guess.

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The cheapest, fastest part of any building is the exterior shell which is what you have. You also have commercial electric which is useless for a home, office or retail space. Odds are you'll end up stripping the place to the blocks and starting over. You'll need an electrical panel for each space, bathrooms, A/C and possibly even separate water meters. Because it willl be multiuse you'll have to have firewalls between each unit and possibly sprinklers for the entire building. TAny idea what that flat deck roof will cost you to replace whe nit goes bad? The dowsides are endless and I don't see any savings over a SFH no matter what the buildout costs are. I'd keep looking.

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