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Decorative Trim Over stucco?

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We have a 150 year old house that has been stucco'd and is in pretty good shape and not looking to get rid of it.  But we want to add some old historic charm back to the house.  We would like to add trim along the roof line under the eves and thicker trim around the windows.  I think they took the trim off to stucco but never put it back on so it is just a 2x4 trim around the windows.  

Is this possible and what would need to be done to seal around the edges or is it better to keep it out a ways from the existing window trim to allow air in.  we would attach the window trim to the existing wood trim around the windows.


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Might be the picture, but those upper windows look to have some profile.

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Some closeups of the windows (post #212802, reply #2 of 4)

Some closeups of the windows would be helpful.

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I dodn't see a problem. We (post #212802, reply #3 of 4)

I dodn't see a problem. We use wire lath C channel to form the edges of the stucco bands then fill them in to create the trim. We always clean out the joint in the corner so we can lay ina good bead of poly after the primer.

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Window closeups (post #212802, reply #4 of 4)


Here are pictures of the lower wi does (first pic) and all upper windows (2nd pic)