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Fiber cement siding

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A number of years ago I installed fiber cement siding using a rain screen wall installation on an addition to my home.  A few years later Hurricaine Isabel hit.  Our neighbor's 150 year old Tulip Popular dropped a branch on the side of our addition with wind assistance.  Three clapboards broke from the impact of the branch.  As luck would have it I had blind screwed the clapboards to the furring strips.

I am currenting researching new exterior cladding to replace our peeling, lead painted, twisted 75 year old wood siding.  I am curious if anyone else has had fiber cement siding damage used in a rain screen wall construction.  I question whether or not a rain screen wall is a suitiable surface for fiber cement siding installation as used in the Project House.

I guess I'm not sure what the (post #206484, reply #1 of 1)

I guess I'm not sure what the problem is.  When a tree or large branch falls on a house there's likely to be damage.

But it is true that FC is a bit more brittle than some other options, and using a furring-based rainscreen (as opposed to one of the rainscreen wraps) would somewhat increase the possibility of damage.  But the stuff you really want -- tempered hardboard -- they don't make anymore.

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