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Framing Walls

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When framing a House, do not cut corners for cost. It is not that much cheaper to frame a 2' center verse a 16" center, Same on roof trusses don't try to cut corners. Just saying!!



pops (post #208422, reply #1 of 2)

When framing a house, 2' v. 16 oc is structurally sound when done right.  Allows less direct or even thermally broke connection from inside to outside and just happens to allow more insulation per foot.

The savings (minimal)  in lumber and I suppose labor, can then be added to other parts of the house cost.

Just thinking out loud.

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?? (post #208422, reply #2 of 2)

From your post I gather you think framing 24" oc versus 16" oc is inferior. It's not.

I do prefer 16" oc for roof rafters. But for walls I have no issues with 24" oc. Or for other "odd ball" spcings, like 19.2" oc for engineered joists. With proper load transferral, you can even combine all three in the same structure. Easy peasy.

With better insulation to boot.

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