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Liquid waterproof membrane (redguard, etc) on bathroom floor before tiling?

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I now have my backer board down on my bathroom floor (5x65.ft bathroom) and was wondering if it would be helpful to paint on some waterproofing/crack resistant membrane (like redguard or hydra ban) before I tile. I don't expect a lot of water on the bathroom floor but I thought the crack resistance might be helpful. I know the membrane won't make up for proper installation of subfloor and backer board (which I've tried to accomplish) but thought it might be a little helpful.  What do you think? Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.


Keep in mind that any leaks (post #211109, reply #1 of 1)

Keep in mind that any leaks will be at the edges and joints -- next to the tub, under the toilet, at the wall, etc.

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