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Pine T&G Porch Ceiling Question

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 I'm new. And I am not a woodman, just someone who procures the services of one. I hope someone here can help me with a question. I am having a house built and I have hired a carpenter that I believe to be very competent, but he made a statement today that I question. I wanted a 1x6 T&G Ceiling on my front porch. When I showed up at the end of the day today to see it, it was riddled with exposed finish nail heads everywhere. I asked "why didn't you blind nail them". My guy said it wasn't a good idea to do that on a wide board like a 1x6 on an exterior application because of too much humidity/movement and that you had to get more nails in the face of the board. He said you can do that (blind nail) inside, but not outside. I was planning to spray a coat of poly on this ceiling and I can't imagine seeing the nail heads in a clear finished ceiling. Any thoughts or comments on this?

There's something to what he (post #213849, reply #1 of 4)

There's something to what he says, though one would have to see the specific situation to know how much it applies in your case.

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Thanks DanH. (post #213849, reply #3 of 4)

Thanks DanH.

Hi there,    When you say (post #213849, reply #2 of 4)

Hi there,

   When you say 1"x6" I think of the pine tongue and groove we use a lot.  This material does move a lot and is somewhat rustic by nature.  It usually gets painted, or if stained and poly-ed is definitely a campy, rustic look.  When we work with this material we don't blind nail.  We face nail for the reasons your carpenter stated.  We always use a neat and consistent nail pattern so if it does not get painted, the nail holes will look fine un-filled or filled.  If a customer says they want a poly-ed wood ceiling I would never recommend pine 1" x 6".  I would recommend fir that is 5/8" x 4".  That material is narrow and stable enough to blind nail.  

Finefinish - Thank you sir.  (post #213849, reply #4 of 4)

Finefinish - Thank you sir.  Yes it is the standard 1x6 T&G that is very common.  Your response is helpful and much appreciated. R