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vapour between drywall

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Currently renovating a house built in 1952. (located in Ontario, Canada).

Removed all drywall on out side walls in insulate and wire.

Wanted to save money by leaving drywall and Insulation on ceiling!

-Can I put poly over old drywall and then just re-drywall over?

I will use acoustic seal also. The current product is two layers of drywall aprox 2ft x I guess 8ft

There's probably already so (post #207289, reply #1 of 2)

There's probably already so much oil paint on the ceiling that you don't need an added vapor barrier.

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'52 (post #207289, reply #2 of 2)

There's probably many coats of lead based oil paint on the lath board.

Hope he used some of the methods of containment outlined in the
RRP practices.

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