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9"x13" Rockler router table insert plates

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Hey, anyone want to sell their 9" x 13" router table inserts (Rockler)  they don't make that size anymore and I wish I had a couple more.

Make them if you have one (post #196096, reply #1 of 1)

If you have one to use as a template, all you need is to go on ebay, and buy some 3/8-inch phenolic or polycarbonate (Lexan, Tuffak).  Or, call around to plastic suppliers in your area, they may have phenolic, or lexan offcuts they will sell inexpensively.

Drill it to match the plate you have and screw them together. 

Then use a pattern bit in your router to make a copy of the rockler plate. 

Then use an undercut bit to cut a rim on the new plate to get the edge thickness down to 1/4-inch so it matches the Rockler's thickness, if that matters to you.