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Back Issues (#104 - 198 plus 101) of Fine Homebuilding - Free to good home

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I'm doing spring cleaning and want some Fine Homebuilding back issues ( #104 to #198 and #101) to go to a good home rather than the recycling center.  They are in great shape.  You can arrange for pickup from Whidbey Island (I'd deliver on Whidbey).  I would work with someone about shipping.

Back issues (post #201186, reply #1 of 3)

I would be more than glad to pay for the shipping if I'm not too late. Thanks

Back issues of Fine Homebuilding (post #201186, reply #2 of 3)


I just read your post.  I haven't logged in for quite awhile.

Are you still interested?  If so, how would you propose shipping;  paying for shipping?



niMc (post #201186, reply #3 of 3)

Use the private message feature to make contact .  Click on the name of the poster and you'll go to their profile page.  You'll find the PM link there.

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