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Blum Junior Press , line bore attachment

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Hello to All ,

           I have a Blum Junior Press / MS and a 7 spindle line boring attachment that can be used on a drill press in conjunction with the press .

           It has no bits with it , but otherwise is all there and ready to be used again .

      Any interest let me know , I'll  post pictures soon , especially if anyone is inquiring .

       Price is open for discussion , tell me what it is worth to you I'll make you a deal.


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Post some pictures please.


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 Hi Doug ,

                I will get a few pics posted in the A.M.

                    thanks for your interest

            Are you very familiar with this unit ?


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We use a Blum machine in our shop but the JR part I think I've only seen on E-bay so not totally sure of it.


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I think I may be interested but would like to see the pics.

Remodeling Contractor just on the other side of the Glass City

Remodeling Contractor just on the other side of the Glass City

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What do you have to have for this? I assume you mount this to a drill press? I think you said that. I'd have to buy another drill press cause the one I have has some jigs that I dont think I'd want to modify. I'm going to go to Blum site to look this thing over a bit more.


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If this is the same one, looks like it does it all - no drill press needed:

Sweel looking tool!

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   That is right , no drill press is needed with the Mini Press model .

  The line bore attachment is what makes it a deal for someone with the need .

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Yea, I had to go look at some spec's on the Blum web site to see what you have shown me. I thought Dusty mentioned a drill press and as I'm aware of the standard Blum press I thought this was some sort of "add-on" but I just misinterpreted something.


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I am looking for an older model Blum Junior Press.

I have a bent Center Spindle. Blum no longer makes this machine.