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Complete Collection of Fine Woodworking Magazine #1-#184 plus extras

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 I have available for sale a complete collection of Taunton Press’s Fine Woodworking Magazine starting all the way back to the first and original issue #1 from 1976 to issue #184 of  May/June 2006. (Issue #180 was the 30th Anniversary issue)

Also included is the original spiral bound index covering issues 1-100.

This collection is in great shape. A lot of the earlier “staple bound” issues have white tape on the binding to reinforce the edge from tearing due to their age. This is only on the staple bound issues and none of the “square bound” issues with the text on the edge.

AND, as a bonus, a mini-collection of Woodworkmagazine. Included are issues #’s 7, 22, 26, 38, 39, 40, plus everything between #81 june ’03 to #92 April ’05. A total of 18 issues of Woodwork magazine.

The collection can be shipped USPS media mail and comes in 3 heavy duty double layer boxes. I looked into the shipping a few years ago and if I recall costs around $100. If you are serious, I can look into the exact shipping to your zip code.

Additionally, on June 28 I will be driving from far Northern California (Mendocino Coast) to Colorado Springs, CO. If you live anywhere along I-80 then heading down I-25 to Colorado Springs I can deliver the collection at no charge along my trip.

I am open to and will accept the first reasonable offer.

Best way to contact is by phone. Call  707-three six seven-two two five two

Thanks for your interest!