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CRAIN No. 822 Diamond Blade

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i recently did a hard wood floor install - i had to undercut about 10 feet of tile


i rented the crain No. 812 from home depot and purchased a blade on the internet to do the job


i dont do hardwood flooring very often had have no need for the blade any longer, it is pretty much brand new-used only for under one hour to undercut 10 feet of tile


it will fit on a 820 or 812 crain


$20.00 and i will pay shipping

I'll take it. (post #192726, reply #1 of 2)

Just e-mail me an address and I'll get a check out.

Thank you,


diamond blade (post #192726, reply #2 of 2)

you have mail, if you will email your address to me i will get the blade in the mail to you