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ForSale: Renewaire ERV-130 Ventilator

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Selling a new Renewaire ERV-130 Energy Recovery Ventilator. One can view a picture of it at:

I won the unit at a local home show this past spring. This unit would be ideal for someone with a forced hot air/cooling system. I have a FHW system which is why I'm selling it. The unit has its original box and will require pvc piping or metal ductwork to connect to your HVAC system.

Make me an offer and it's yours if it's the best offer that I received. The unit can be picked up in Acton, MA or it can be shipped (you pay shipping costs) to anywhere in the continental US.

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I don't think the type of heating system matters. These units are usually used independant of the heating system. I have hw radiant and a similiar system. Too bad you hadn't posted about six months ago. I would have jumped on this.


Douglasville, GA

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Tom Wilson, Zionsville IN

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The HVAC company that gave me the unit said that the best way to use these devices is to tie it into your FHA system so that the incoming fresh air is distributed evenly throughout the house.  Plus, it will use the system's filters.

I did think about putting the unit on its own. I suppose that I could put the incoming air in the ceiling on the second floor above the stairwell and the outgoing grille somewhere on the first floor away from the supply. But the air wouldn't be filtered although I suppose I could find some sort of supply plenum that I could attach the filter to.

Anyway, I thought the unit would be more useful to someone who has a FHA system.  But if you can convince me otherwise, I'm listening.

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If you have a tight house you need one of these regardless of the type of heating system you use. I installed one in my SIP constructed home. I did have to install ductwork but not as large as what is required for heating. Most of the ductwork is 6" while some is only 3".

There are exhaust pots in the kitchen and baths and supply ducts in the bedrooms and living room. The ducting layout was designed by Northeast Radiant Technology.

The bathroom and kitchen areas have controls and there is a 20 boost timer for shower/ cooking etc. This puts the system on high speed for 20 min to remove moisture from those areas. The system also has a intermittant setting where it comes on for only 20 min every hour. I have only had the system installed for a short time so I don't know all the ins and outs of it's operation, (it also has humidity controls for different seasons) but you may want toi investigate further if you have a well sealed home.  

I have a venmar system but it is very similiar to the unit you are selling. 


Douglasville, GA

Tom Wilson, Zionsville IN

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I am interested. 

How much are you asking? - I would need it shipped to MD - no idea what that would cost...


Treat every person you meet like you will know them the rest of your life - you just might!
Treat every person you meet like you will know them the rest of your life - you just might!

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Like I said in my post, make me an offer.  The HVAC guy who gave it to me said it was worth $1000 but it looks like  you can buy it online for $800.  If you give me $400 or more, it is yours.  Less than $200, it might be yours but I will wait to see if I can get a better offer from here or through craigslist, etc.

According to the website link, it weighs 57 lbs. I went to UPS website to calculate shipping cost from Acton, MA (zip 01720) to Bethesda, MD (20815).  2nd day air with insurance will be ~$111.  UPS ground w/insurance would be ~$36.

Hope this helps.

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For those in the local area, I'm willing to consider bartering in lieu of or in addition to cash.  I do have the need for some carpentry services (install some new windows, replace some exterior trim), tree trimming, and plumbing services.  I'm also interested in used tools (hammer drill, worm drive saw, laser level, and others that I can't think of at the moment) and landscaping equipment (power dethatcher, professional rotary trimmer & professional chain saw).

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Is the ERV still available? How much for shipping to 98230 WA?


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Yes, it's still available.  UPS Ground w/insurance to from MA to WA will be approximately $68. 

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I saw were it was still available on Oct 2,  Do you still have it?

Erv130 $400 (post #174730, reply #10 of 11)

I am local and would like to purchase this from You. Please reply. Thankyou

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Welcome to BT.  Take a look at the date of the post you replied to-5 yrs old.  There's an extensive archive here, not all posts are current.

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