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French Horn

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French Horn (post #175035)

Do any of you have a kid in band who could use a french horn? My old one from my HS days is just taking up closet space.

The thing was bought new in 1975 or so. It's a Holton brand, I believe. The keys are free and seem to work well, but a couple of the cork bumper stops are gone.

It was dropped once and professionally straightened. Some of the lacquer is worn off.

If you have a kid who can use it you can have it for shipping costs.

I attached one picture, but can take more if any of you are interested.

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I always love french horn.

Shared with Jayne just today, Mozart's flute and horn concertos. She loved them.

Hey, don't ya have to stick your hand inside that thing to play it?



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Hey, don't ya have to stick your hand inside that thing to play it?

   PFFFT! There went my protein shake. All over the place.



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"Hey, don't ya have to stick your hand inside that thing to play it?"

Yup. Which ties in nicely with this tag line:

You know what they say about french horn players?
They're good kissers, but they sure do hold ya funny.

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I can't see one of them w/out remembering when my then GF was at USC and I was visiting. Fleetwood Mac was recording TUSK with the USC Marching band and we were front and center, that band was LOUD, and there was a French horn player on the end and when she swung sideways, blasted me right in the ear....LOL

Made my head spin.

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I have a good friend who is a band director at a local christian school. I know he's always on the look out for good deals on instruments since their school budget, as you can imagine, is tight.

Would it be okay if I forwarded this on to him, or would you prefer it go directly to someone who is going to play it themselves (or their kids will play it)?


Jon Blakemore

Fredericksburg, VA


Jon Blakemore

Fredericksburg, VA

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If no one else on BT wants it I would be fine with that. Can I give it a couple of days?

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Did you get any takers on the horn?
I see it's a single horn. Ian had the single horn from his school at David's fest. He has now upgraded to a double horn.
If there are no other takers and away to get it to Jim's fest I would be willing to buy it for the high school here.

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Sorry - A friend of Jon Blakemore already spoke for it. I've been looing for a box to ship it in, but haven't come up with one yet. Not the easiest thing in the world to ship...

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My son is joining the band and wants to play the french horn.  I can't afford the rental every month.

Just a general (ahem) "note" (post #175035, reply #10 of 10)

Just a general (ahem) "note" about old instruments languishing in the attic:  Most high schools would love to have them for student use.  So long as the instrument can be easily rehabbed to be playable, it doesn't have to be concert quality.

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