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Grass hinges for sale

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I have an assortment of Grass brand euro hinges and bases for sale.  I picked these up at an auction not to long ago.  I believe I have the following:

43 Grass hinges. Which have the following stamped on them. 1203 & 2625110.  These hinges are clip-on style.

40 Series 3000 snap-on bases. (about 3/16" thick)

71 Series 3000 snap-on bases. (about 1/2" thick)

9 Series 1000 2 piece bases. (about 3/8" thick)

5 Series 1000 1 piece bases. (about 1/2" thick)

34 Series 1000 2 piece slide-on bases (about 3/16" thick)

I will only sell these items as a lot, and the buyer is responcible for shipping charges.

Email me if you need more info or pictures.


Jeremy Holbrook (superhawk)





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If the buyer pays shipping, you should tell us where you live and how much the hinges weigh.

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I live near Dayton, OH (zip code 45327) and the box of hinges weighs approximately 30 pounds.

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Do you know a Norman, Albert, Luther, or J.M. Holbrook? We might be related. I also live near Dayton.

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Can't say that I know any of these people.  Most of my relatives live up north, near Cleveland.  Small wourd though!

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I get asked a lot if I know somebody with the same last name. Holbrook is a pretty common name around here, but most are not related at all to me. But it is a small world indeed.

43 Grass hinges. Which have the following stamped on them. 1203 (post #174315, reply #6 of 7)



My name is Brian, Im the woodshop teacher at Bellflower HS. California. I'm teaching students to repair cabinets. We came accross your grass hinges and we need to get two of them for the project. What do you want for 2 of them. Could you send a picture sample of the hinge, especially the mounting part that attaches to the inside cabinet.


Thank you

Brian Ahumada

562 920-1801 

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The post you are replying to is pretty old.  Doubtful there's any hinges available from them.

Since you're a shop teacher-why not right to a local Grass distributor and ask them for a donation.


a cabinet supplier or custom cab. shop-I'm sure they'll outfit you - the one here in my town would-but alas, I think they use Blum solely.

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