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Industrial-grade rust encapsulation materials for sale

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I did a large rust remediation project on my house back in the Fall of 2015.  I bought way more product than I needed, so it has to go to someone who can use it.
There are two separate products: the rust encapsulating material itself, and a liquid soluble salt remover product.  The extras that I'm selling are well within shelf life; the rust encapsulating material is in unopened gallon cans.
These are industrial-grade products, the best I could find for my application.  They are used on Interstate highway bridges, for example.  These products will take care of any of your rust issues, for good.
Product descriptions:
I purchased the products in August 2015, and they have a shelf life of 2-3 years.  I have the technical and safety data sheets, and full application instructions.
Rust Grip rust encapsulation coating
. two (2) one-gallon unopened cans.
. the cans were minimally dented as shipped to me; I confirmed with the manufacturer that the product is OK, since there are no leaks and the lids are secure.  I used one of the dented cans myself.
. I got about 300 sq ft coverage per gallon.
. my cost was $150 per gallon.
Chlor-Rid liquid soluble salt remover
I used this product to remove embedded winter road salt from the metal before applying the Rust Grip.
. spray or brush on, then power wash off.
. Direct-To-Surface application.  Not a concentrate.
. I purchased a five-gallon container, but used only 1.5 gallons.  3.5 gallons is left.
. 3.5 gallons will treat 1,050 sq ft at the recommended application rate of 300 sq ft per gallon.
. my cost was $115 for five gallons.
I would like to get $100 for both the Rust Grip and the Chlor-Rid.
It would be difficult to ship this stuff.  I live near Worcester, MA.  I'm willing to travel a couple hours' drive to transact, like somewhere between Hartford CT and Concord or Portsmouth NH.
Contact me at