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Main Carrying Beams

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I am constructing a 26'x 34' saltbox. It has two main carrying beams going across the 26' way. One is the full 26' with 2 posts 8'8" from the foundation walls. The other is two beams spanning 11' with a stairway passing through. My local supply rep says 4 2x10's (Spruce/hem-fir glued and nailed, 3 rows, 12" on center) should be more than adaquate. Will this work?


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They sound a bit thin to me - Not much depth for those spans. But I tend to be conservative on floors and floor beams.

I doubt you'll get too much specific advice about your beams heree - Too many variables we don't know. Like your local codes and loading requirements, how the house is framed, etc.

Who exactly is your "local supply rep"? what does he have to back up his claim that the 2X10s will work? Or is it just a seat of the pants guess?

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That eight foot span doesn't bother me but the eleven foot one is challenging my imagination. Get it in writing or get a second opinion.


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Yu may call me a dreamer if you like, but don't the plans include a list of specifcations for beams, headers and such?  I always like the idea of the engineer who stamped it being at least partly responsible for proper materials.  Do you realize that you posted in the sale ads?  Probably get better answers in construction techniques.  My opinions only, so remember what you paid for the advice!