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Misc. Issues for Sale

roxberg's picture

I have the following issues for Sale. $3.50 each plus shipping.


Let me know if your interested. I'll sell the lot cheaper, make an offer.

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Hi Rox,

Do you still have issue # 96 for sale.

Regards Alex

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Yes, I still have them all. Haven't been trying very hard to get rid of them. Do you want just that issue?

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Hi Rox,

Yes I would like that issue. Just give me an address & I'll send a money order including whatever you need for postage & shipping & handling.

Regards Alex

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Hi Rox,

I'm not thinking clearly. You will likely need an address to figure out postage.

Anyways my address is:

348 Sackville Dr. S.W.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

T2W 0W9

Regards Alex