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Pictures just added, Burma Teak old school 25 to 30 years old in the rough

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I have approximately 200 BF of 8/4,   200 BF of 6/4 and 600 BF of 4/4 all the teak is old school Burma (Tectona Grandis) Teak from Thailand which some boards are stenciled with this (Thailand).
The average width is 8" with some wider and narrower. The average lengths are 6',  7', and some 8' long. This is all premium Teak with outstanding color and vivid grain.  All the lumber is in the rough and can be milled if needed either blanked out or S2S , 1E.
Price for the 4/4 is $26.00 per BFin the rough & milled $30.00 per BF, wide boards 10" and wider are $2.00 BF more per BF.
    "             6/4 is $26.00 per BF in the rough & milled is $30.00 per BF, not many wide board but the same add on per BF           as above.
    "             8/4 is $28.00 per BF in the rough & milled is $32.00 per BF, some wide boards here as well with the same add @$2.00 per BF. a bargan any day for this old of teak.  
Note this is teak that is 25 to 30 years old and the color and grain pattern is just not available today. Very rare. 

I have a lot of interest in this teak and don't expect it to last very long.
I can email pictures or show you samples if in the LA area. Once I get some boards milled out and sorted. ( Done)

Where did it come from? This material was just purchased here in the Los Angeles area at an estate sale. 

Lumber can be shipped freight collect Ca. 90277 I can except paypal or cashiers check, Item will ship when check clears bank. Or if in the Los Angeles area you can pick through the lumber and take it after check clears or you pay with paypal.

Of course cash is also accepted with a 10% dicount.    

I found out today 10-16-10 this Teak may be as old as 40 years. It was sitting in a warehouse in the port for 5 to 10 years before the owner came across it and he had it 25 TO 30 years before this man passed away. He was a long shoreman here in LA. as I am told by his son.   I also have avalible teak deck planks from The USS Los Angeles which was scrapped her many years ago. pic is the last one. note the plugs.