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Hello guys,

if anyone is selling used Power Suppliy SolaHD like this one https://mrosupply.com/product/1011913-SolaHD-Electrical_Power_Supplies_Switching_Power_Supplies  please let me know, also if you know where to get it cheaper and from trusted supplier also would be extremely grateful!




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hey Jack, don't know if you found the power supply, but if not - you can try to look for it on here 



Good luck!


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They got more than drive and conveyor belts there?

I saw motors, but didn't see off hand  anything like what the original poster was asking about.


Perhaps you could point it out?


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Hi Calvin,   according to (post #206373, reply #3 of 3)

Hi Calvin,


according to their brochure and company description - they sell a lot of industrial stuff including  power supplies of that type.