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shop tools for sale, NC Arkansas.......

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shop tools for sale, NC Arkansas....... (post #212940)

12" American  joiner, 8' bed. New everthing that moves & electrics. $2000

4" Delta joiner on stand, no motor $75

!0" Delta contractors saw {1978}  $250

Delta heavy duty shaper [older]  $450

picked up in northcentral Arkansas

I'm sort of down sizing and getting rid of extra iron. I realize this site is about dead but  at least it's free.

Prices pretty much firm.


I keep hearing that this site (post #212940, reply #1 of 3)

I keep hearing that this site isn't what it used to be.  Where has everybody gone?

good question. (post #212940, reply #2 of 3)

This site has greatly devolved, it was once far more entertaining and had more diverse solutions, etc.

As far as where they went, no clue here. As for why I'm not real sure about that either. Reasons usually given revolve around changes to the site itself r.e.  navigation and all manner of screw ups. But here's the deal, I'm a computer know nothing and managed to deal with all that easy enough.

So my quiz is why didn't the forum participants come back? There's a whole lot of collective knowledge lost as well as interesting characters.     


delphi forums, breaktime 3 (post #212940, reply #3 of 3)

where: delphi forums, breaktime 3

why: Jason Revzon, self proclaimed web guru, long gone from Taunton, but 'legacy' lingers.  Could not find a subscriber data base, but others have indicated he also caused a drop in print subscriptions.

JR pretty much killed BT, and the other Taunton forumns.   If you take the worst and most obvious hubris of Hillary and Donald, mix them, you have JR ?