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Skilsaw model 127 ( 12" ) saw for sale

jamietucker's picture

Any builder / tool collector needs to buy this saw.  My guess is that this gem is from the 60's,  but she still works like a champ.

I am looking for $450 for the saw in its original box with three combo ( diamond knock-out ) blades.  Please drop me a line if

you are interested.



[ U.S.A. ] (510) 938-0671

jamie (post #206042, reply #1 of 2)

In this thread you offered it for 350.00

What adds a hundred to the cost?


You might want to clean it up, it looks pretty neglected.

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You pay extra for the (post #206042, reply #2 of 2)

You pay extra for the "distressed" appearance.

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