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Tools for sale - long list...

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Ok, so here's a list of stuff I need to get rid of. Email me if you have any other tools that you'd like to trade me with...

Paslode 16 guage finish gun with case $70 --- SOLD

Porter Cable 2" 18 ga. brad nailer with case $50

Porter Cable 7 1/4 left hand 15 amp circ saw magnesium (#743?) $75

Bosch 18 volt Brute hammerdrill kit BNIB $140 (2 available)

Bosch 18 volt 6 pc. combo - planer/circ/recip/jigsaw/hmrdrill/flslt/bag/2batts NEW $400

Bosch door hinge template kit LN used once $170

Porter cable / Robotoolz 3 beam torpedo laser $40

Pro-Grppr clamp&guide guide rail system 100"/50"/30" + saw sled + router sled $145

David White 4pl self leveling laser $90 NEW without case or box -- NEW Lower price

Panasonic 15.6 volt "F" nicad battery (brand new direct from panasonic) $55

Panasonic nicd/nimh 7.2volt - 24 volt charger $30

Milwaukee 2.4 volt screw gun only (works great - 1speed - shows wear) $20

Milwaukee 2.4 volt charger $15

Makita 14.4 drill body (NEW - not M-force) $28

Maikta 9.6-14.4 nicd/nmh charger NEW $17

Makita 9.6 volt (ML902?) non-pivot head flashlight $10

Fein 220 grit stick on sand paper triangles 50pc box $10

Sears Craftsman Pro-Laminate router table (same as newer Bosch model)
NEW assembled $75

Bosch RA1180 benchtop router table with matching stand $135

Porter Cable angle base laminate trimmer (model 73__?) $40

Werner 7807 combination step/extension ladder type 1AA (7' step/11.5' extension)
fiberglass with v-pole brace $80

Werner T7810 10' fiberglass double-sided tread Type 1AA (375lb) stepladder $100

Krause 16' Multi matic articulating/folding extension ladder $75

Rotozip RZ5 corded rotozip tool $20

Brand new never opened Dremel Pro kit - digital Dremel tool with case with flex shaft, accesories, etc. $45

Skil cordless 3/8" power ratchet (batt still holds a decent charge (all-metal) $17

That's all I can think of for now... Most of the above tools are used but in very clean shape - not beat up at all. All are being sold due to being excess or having upgraded to better or diff tools or just bought them at great deals intending to sell at some point on Ebay.

Please let me know if you'd like to see pictures or more info about any of the above. For the larger stuff obviously - I am located in the Northwest metro detroit area.

Thanks for looking,

Julian Tracy

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Dibs on the Makita 14.4 drill body maybe..I need a shell. The handle is unfixable..lets swap model no.s?

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There is no cure for stupid. R. White.  

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I'll get you the model # tomorrow - it's not the beefier model (mforce) but is still good extra drill. It was the drill that came with the blower kit - use the blower all the time but never touched the drill body.


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It's a model #6228.

Might be a 3/8ths chuck I think...

Here's a pic.


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DSCF1099.JPG32.04 KB

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I need a different handle style to make it work, I have a broken one that needs a new side.

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There is no cure for stupid. R. White.  

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You can have it for $20 + shipping if you wanted to have an extra drill body floating around.


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Nah, I got too many as it is, I need to get rid of some stuff too.

I am sure some else has that same drill that wants it.

Spheramid Enterprises Architectural Woodworks

There is no cure for stupid. R. White.  

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I'd like the PC trim router. It is the motor and base, right?


Technique is proof of your seriousness. - Wallace Stevens
Technique is proof of your seriousness. - Wallace Stevens

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Motor and base, yes. Should be able to ship for about $10 - pop me an email and I'll send you a pic.


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I'm interested in the "Bosch door hinge template kit", Julian.  Is it for three butt hinges?  Are the edges of the templates in good shape?  No stray router knicks?  All the pins there?



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I got it on sale at a great price at Coastal Tool and tried it for one door I had to hang and havn't used it since. Apparently hangning door slabs hasn't come up as much as I thought...

Doesn't make much sense to me to hold on to it and tie up the cash in it so that's why I'm selling.

It's set up for 3 hinges, I think there's an accessory kit that allows for a 4hinge door.
All the pins are there and I'll have to check for knicks - I did try to use the above mentioned PC trimmer but the base was too small to work with the template and I'll check to make sure I didn't smag any of the edges when I was testing it out the first time. Should be as new, I'd think.

Pop me an email and we'll discuss. I'll take a close look at it tomorrow am.


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waht happened to the tight fisted yankee upbringing?

jokes aside, if you decide you don't want the hinge jig, I'm next in line for it.

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"waht happened to the tight fisted yankee upbringing?"

It's like that great American philosopher Rocky Balboa once said - "if youse can change, and I can change, then WE ALL CAN CHANGE!"

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I need that Makita charger for a 12 V saw.


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Is that Paslode 16 guage finish gun straight or angled? Air-powered or cordless?

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That's a straight 16 ga air-powered finish gun. The price should tell you it's not the gas model ;)

It works great with a case - I just got a great deal on the Dewalt 16 and 18 kit.


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Sold!  I'll e-mail you the details.

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Any other Fein items you may have overlooked?

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I'm a very happy Multi-master owner - just have the original plastic case and the extra box of 220 sandpaper.


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What is the model number on the dremel pro kit? I call dibs provided I can get more information online after you tell me the model number.  Thanks

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Here's a picture of the box - I tried to google the number with no luck. At one point not too long ago - it was their top of the line, but they've sinced introduced a ton of diff models.

Nice kit - kick a^^ case.


DSCF1108.JPG78.78 KB

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Thanks for the photo.  No longer interested. 

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What? No PorterCable Bammer? :o)


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Yea, I have a Bammer - 15ga angled. Works just fine and is quite handy for door casing / baseboard and the such. Anything else - not so great as it requires quite a bit of oomph to press in the nose piece.

I've had it for years and it paid for itself a long time ago because I used it on quite a few jobs.

The only problem I have with it now are due to the nails that I stocked up on - the plastic collating is getting flaky. On an air gun - it wouldn't be a problem, but on the bammer - it gums up the front nose pretty easily and you have to clear it out/trim it off frequently.

One oddball thing is - now the bammer gas catridges are like $15 each at the PC service centers. Luckily I picked up some on clearance at the big box for much less a while back so I have 3-4 new spares for the time being.


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15bucks! Holy Cow!

I bought the bammer when they first came out while out of town working on a cabin/cottage reno needing something to put thin pine t&g on ceilings. Then got an Impulse and haven't used the bammer  since.

be telling me that case isn't big enough to be a floatation device.

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Panasonic battery and charger still available?  Mine are two years old and could use a third stand-in in the rotation.


"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."  Invictus, by Henley.

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."  Invictus, by Henley.

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Yes. I got the battery straight from Panasonic as part of a battery recall replacement - never been charged - I've probably had it for 6 months or so. My original 15.6 batts lasted like 5-7 years - that's what I 've heard from other Panasonic owners as well.

The Charger is left over from another kit -used, but still works great and will charge the newer Nimh batts as well.

Should be able to ship both for $11 - pop me an email and we'll discuss the rest.



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I'm loving that little PC SawBoss!


thanks for having a brand new blade on it too. It spent last week cutting thru old barn wood that'd being reused to patch the old place back together ... really getting a work out ... but it's doing it's job.

I might send the DeWalt to the shop for an official cleaning and rebuild ... maybe it can become my "delicate work" saw like it was intended.

That is ... till I get someone to sell me that little PC wormdrive trim saw ...


Pleasure doing business with U.




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    Buck Construction

 Artistry In Carpentry

     Pittsburgh Pa

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Glad to hear it. I'm just happy to get rid of a few tools that I no longer use, so I can buy some more...

One note regarding that saw - you'll find that you can only use PC 6" blades on it as the arbor hole is a non-standard size. Most PC service centers and good tool stores stock them, but you will not find any that work at a big-box store.


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Ohh ... Now U tell me!



or ...



See .. There's always a catch with guys like U!


couldn't choose .. anyways .. thanks for the clue-in. I'll look around ... bet I can find then easily local ... if not ... I'll order a box full and drive them around in the back of the van.

I see that saw getting alot of use ... I like the feel of it. Just feels way over powered for it's size ... my Dad had an old craftsman that same size that I grew up using ... just always felt right ... I actually found him a replacement at a used tool store about a year ago ... his was dead for about 10 yrs ... don't think they ever replaced it in their line up ... for some reason .. it was light green?

Who ever priced it didn't realize that 20-30 yrs ago craftsman stuff was a decent tool ... I think I paid $6 for it! It was in show-room condition ...


almost brought a tear to the old guy's eye ... then he said something about "about time U replaced one of the G.D. tools U and yer dumba$$ brother broke!"


I'll show im the sawboss ... but I'm not gonna let him use it!


    Buck Construction

 Artistry In Carpentry

     Pittsburgh Pa

    Buck Construction

 Artistry In Carpentry

     Pittsburgh Pa

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If you're looking for 6" sawboss blades, go to HK Mcjunkin in Swissvale.  They usually have them in stock.

Found their link

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