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Walker turner table saw for sale

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I have a Walker turner table saw for near Woodbury tn. As far as I can tell it was made around 1956 or so. It has a 1.5 hp belt driven motor and it's a 10 inch blade. Someone who had it before me leg it sit in water but I've spent a lot of time polishing the top. Pickup only. $150 OBO

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you don't have to start a new thread.

just go back to the thread and post a reply.  Hell, post a dot and that'll be enough to bring the thread back to the top.  


Matter of fact, in memorium to a deceased member of this forum there was developed the "Rez Bump".

known for a post to bring the thread back to the top.


try it sometime.

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can you post some pictures? (post #212534, reply #3 of 3)

hows the motor? by sitting in water im assuming you mean it sat outside??