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Where to advertise FH back issues?

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Where would you sugest offering FH back issues for sale. I tried magines on EBay and no one was interested.I was surprised since I love the magazine so much. I enjoy all of the Taunton mags.


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Hi Joy-Here's my want list for Finehomebuilding back issues: I need #'s  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 22, 23, 24, 30, 32, and 41. If you have any of these for sale I'd appreciate the contact. Thanks

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sorry. I do not have the issues you need.

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I have issues volume 1 thru 10. Thought they might be worth "something" Any offers?

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Not from me. I also have duplicates of several early issues. But if you're interested in finding out what people will pay for them, look on eBay. They archive completed auctions for 30 days. Of course some eager bidder my decide after the auction that he bid too much and not complete the transaction, and you'd never know that from reading the completed auctions listings, but there's probably more of that in antique porcelain than in magazines.

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Hiya Walt- I'm interested in those Finehomebuilding issues 1 thru 10. Does $30 and shipping cost  sound reasonable?

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Why not advertise them here? Just start a new thread and list what you have fer sale............

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thanks. I did not think one could sell things on a chat sight.