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10" Sliding Compound Miter (Bosc...

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Help! I'm pulling my hair out trying to decide between the Bosch 3915 and Makita LS 1013 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saws. It will be used for a bit of everything (framing, cabinet/built-ins, stairs, moldings -- some large base and crown)and I only want to do this once considering the price of a mistake.

I've had my hands on the Makita and really like how it feels. Like the table, rail action, fence, and overall ergonomics. I'm concerned that it doesn't have detents or markings for cutting crown on the flat. I like the double bevel feature but not sure if this is a deal maker or not. Any insight from someone who owns this saw on how easy it is to hit the right crown settings?

I'm trying to locate a Bosch locally to get my hands on, no luck yet. It has the crown detents on miter and bevel. Seems to get good reviews. Has larger miter capacity but only bevels left(again not sure if these are deal makers or breakers though). Anyone who owns this have any insight or regrets?

Anyone out there had time behind both of them? Please let me know what you think.


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Those of us that have Makita

near the Makita blue stream,


They're all quite good these days....Your preference is the key...not ours.

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Well, if you're having trouble even finding a Bosch locally to look at, how are you gonna get any service on it if it needs attention? I like looking across the counter at the repair guy and exchanging ideas.

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Im with Blodgett. I need a human to talk to when there is a prob. But I just like makita tools.

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I've had the Bosch for several years, I like it ok, but man does that makita feel nice! The big table, big trigger, and two-way flip head are all great features. The Bosch is heavy but solid.

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I bought the Makita a few months ago. Man, what a sweet machine. Don't know nothing about the Bosch.

If you use it for framing, I will personally hunt you down and kill you.

Mitre boxes have no place in framing (except cornice). The are just never the same after. It's a good way to ruin a good mitre box. Get out you skilsaw and do it the old fashion way. If you can't cut a straight line with a skilsaw, get a 10" radial for framing.

My opinion,


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I bought the Makita LS1013 & its fantastic. The bevel in both directions makes all the difference in the world. I did an astonomical amount of research before I plunked down my $900 or so & the Makita won hands down.

The one thing I DO like about the Bosch saw is the miter scale. I think they are the only manufacturer that has roof pitches on their scale. 2/12, 3/12 etc etc.I could see where that would come in hand when working with facias. But I think I would just do the math & buy the Makita.

God Bless ya!

Ted Rowell

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Haven't used the Bosch so can't comment on that. Have had the Makita LS1013 for about 2 years and really like it.

Also, I don't know where Ted gets his tools but $900 is pretty steep for a LS1013. I got mine on a promotion for $475 and I know Tools On Sale will ship one to your door for around $525.

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Canadian pesos, including tax. Buy one at full list here in Toronto, pay the tax, do the conversion, and it comes to about $us530.00

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if i were in the market, i'd probably get the new dewalt

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They sell them in the market do they?

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Last I knew DeWalt only made a 12 inch slider and I was less then impressed with it's fit and finish. I know a lot of people swear by them (and at them) but it just isn't a good choice for me especially at $600 retail compared to the Makita ($498 + tax at Lowe's).

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Ed...As I have said before but for some holiday reason...thought I would be nice and leave out the rap aside the head...


b If you use it for framing, I too will personally hunt you down and help kill you!!!

Near the stream, with all my tender love,


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Mike....yaa pissin yellow in a blue stream....Get a porta potty for you're yella problem...

blue tools...all the good things in life.

near the blue stream watching out for the wiz kids,


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Point well taken, don't send out the posse to hunt me down just yet!

Trust me I'm not going to abuse a $400-$500 investment. I'm not a pro framing carpenter just an avid home improver/woodworker and perhaps an aspiring trim carpenter at heart. This thing isn't going to be bouncing around in the back of the pick-up or cutting production framing all day.

But lets be clear, if cross cutting an occasional 2x4 or cutting some 5/4 x 6 decking to length is going to destroy the saw then I would have to question how well it's built.

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Robert, I really like Makita and Bosh tools I don't think you will go wrong with either one. However not to confuse the issue any more have you looked at the Hitachi 10" slider. It cost more than either Bosh or Makita, but it is certainly a smooth operating hardy tool.

As for the double bevel feature my Hitachi has that and I love it. I would never own another miter saw without it.

Scott R.

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* red in this discussion.

near the blue stream,


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Wow mountain one, I was just going to add that I used a 12" dbl compounder yellow thing and thought it was junk compared to the Makita. It did have a few extra degrees left and right, but that isn't enough to make me switch.

I did see one Hitachi but I didn't have time to play with it. I remember that I didn't like the fence tho.

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Gotta go with the green on this one!
Hitachi has been the ruler of the SCMS scene ever since their 8" saw hit the market.

True the fence is a might small but a few minutes and some scrap ply and you got a custom fence whatever size you need.

Pissin in the blue stream makes it Green! <:)

Mr T

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I bought the Hitachi 12" which is great. Can't comment on the Makita, but my brother in law bought the Dewalt. He had the 10" Hitachi and bought the Dewalt before Hitachi came out with the 12" model. If I were buying one now I would have to go with the Dewalt for the same reason that he did. The Dewalt has the motor mounted high so that when you are cutting big crown moulding the motor will not get in the way. I do general work and he does flooring, no problems with either one, just preference. My 2 cents.........

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has anybody used the Porter Cable 10" sliding saw?? they have one at sams club for $449 and it looks like a nice machine for the money.

i also perfer the horizontal handle of the "pistol grip" style. the Dewalts, PC, and delta all have these.

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MAKITA!!!! I can't say it any louder. that saw is it! the factory blade gives glass smooth cuts. justy remember to move the aux fence out of the way before doing a left bevel. I keep forgetting and whacking the top of the fence. ooops.

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The PC caught my eye as well since I have been partial to Horizontal D handles myself. Because of this bias, I hadn't even bothered checking out the Makita or other Vertical Handle saws. However, I was shocked at how natural the handle feels on the Makita. I think the large trigger is the feature that helps the most. I can also see how this handle would be better at steep bevel angles over a D handle.

Just my .02

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Well I finally got my hands on a Bosch 10" slider. I do like the miter scale better and the bevel scale is much easier to read. The slide action doesn't seem as smooth as the Makita though. Does this get smoother with use? Also the handle doesn't seem as comfortable as the Makita and the spring tension on the saw head pivot seems excessive. Does this tension level break in a bit with use? The Makita does seem much smoother and more ergonomic. However the same place that had the Bosch had a Makita that has been through the show floor ringer and it seemed like the miter table was getting some slop in it. I must say I am now leaning toward the Bosch. I'll have to spend a little more time going over them both some more. But I'm not made of money and the Bosch seems to be a better value.
By the way Jon, they also had a PC there. I spent about 2 secs with it. The miter table movement was very rough and the sliding movement was average at best. You owe it to yourself to take a serious look at the Bosch or Makita.

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I just got back from Lowes, and looked at the Makita 10" slider, i must say im impressed. It was SMOOTH. smoother than the PC or Dewalt. I cant compair it to the Bosch because there are no stores around here that carrys Bosch.

Lowes price was $499, was it a good prices? or is there anywere cheaper?? any on-line places?

I will be going to the Builers show in Atlanta in Feb and will look all of them over closely then.

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You can get a good price on a refurbished one at tool crib of the north and ya dont pay taxes (if ya dont live in minnesota)minimum shipping charge.

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Hitachi all the way,

Been doing production trim with one for over a year and still love it

Sean Millar

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My local Lowe's has it for $489 (+ tax) which is the best price I've found locally. The Amazon price for new is more but the refurbs sell for $439 I think.


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Where do you find about about the refurbs?? dident Tool Crib and amazon Join??

That Lowes price isnt bad, but tax make it well over $500.

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Go to
Go to the Tools & Hardware Tab at the top of the screen
Look at the subheadings under that tab, the last one on the right will say "outlet" click on that.
Go to the second box down on the left, it will be titled "More Great Deals" and click on Factory Recon Tools
Then Click on Saws
End of the top row on the right is the Makita recon saw.


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thanks Robert,

I also went to Ebay and found a makita 10" double slider for $ 389. This price was a "buy it now price" the guy wanted $59 for shipping, which i though was a bit much. this would still make it only around $450 and it was brand new.

Just stay away from thoes pawn shops selling high end tools. they smell of STOLEN.