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Air Compressor - MAC 700 vs Rolair FC2002

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Any thoughts on either of those?  I read the FHB review of compressors, but there seemed to be strong positive opinion of the MAC 700 also.  And upon further review the Rolair seems to have a lot going for it.

This will mostly sit in my hobbiest shop and from time to time I'll lug to the garage to air up a tire, or into the house for a framing / trim job.  

The Mac is nearly 60# and the Rolair is just over 60#.  A bit heavy, but with the infrequent haul, and nice CFM, it seems to be ok for my intended use.

Does anyone know the noise level of the Rolair?  The Mac is notoriosly quiet which is appealing.   If the Rolair is similar, and the Rolair has a bit better CFM, might that be the better overall choice?  

I'm looking to spend around 220.

flip a coin.... (post #206687, reply #1 of 3)

I don't own either of these models [nearest thing is Makita 3.5 horse which is a jewel] but I bet you will be happy with either of these units for your limited needs.

Actually you could likely thrive with a lesser HF or one of the other chinese units.


Hopefully better informed minds will add opinions....


Colorado - just curious what (post #206687, reply #2 of 3)

Colorado - just curious what you're going to be using the compressor for? My every day compressor is a 3/4 hp, 1.7cfm at 100psi Thomas compressor that I use for everything from framing to finish carpentry to the occasional quick paint pot spray. It's super quiet, light, and rated for continuous duty so I'm pretty comfortable running it as hard as it will go. I've got a couple larger rigs that I set up on bigger jobs, but this is the one that I bring for day to day work.

If you're really going to be doing some higher output production, then the Mac700 or the Fc2002 will give you some more CFM, but if you're building cabinetry, furniture, carpentry, general framing, etc. then I'd look at the Rolair JC10 or similar for a much quieter, lighter, more versatile compressor.

That's just my 2 cents.

Thanks for your response. (post #206687, reply #3 of 3)

Thanks for your response.  I'm very open to alternatives, but I do want a high quality tool.

I will have one tool attached at any given time.  Today I have 18ga PC brad nailer, 15ga PC finish nailer, some cheap HF framing nailer, air nozzle for blowing off dust, etc and enough air to inflate flats on my minivan and Excursion.   

Most of the time -- 360 days per year -- it will sit in my 24x24 workshop.   I will use it maybe an hour per week on average.  Yes - I know -- that's pretty much "not" using it.   A few days per year I will need to carry it about 70 yards to the garage where the autos are parked or into the house for a light fastening job using one of the guns noted above.   

I want the potential to run a framing nailer for finishing my basement, building a shed, barn, my children's future house, etc. -- as a solo hobbiest project (not a crew of folks).

I also may need to load it into my auto and carry it 600 miles to where I have a rental house (unless you know of someone who wants to buy a 3500 sf ranch in the Longmont CO area on 2 acres zoned for horses -- sorry about the add, but ya never know who might be reading).  In any event -- yes, so long as I own that CO house, there is the potential that I need to do some work -- finish out a room, replace flooring, replace roofing, etc.  So I want the potential to do these jobs.

I don't own - nor expect to own - any air sanders, grinders, impact wrenches (though that is a bit tempting), etc.   The potential to run an impact wrench is worth consideration.  But otherwise, I have electric sanders, grinders, etc.

Spray finishing is of interesting -- but gut feel for me is the Earlex HVLP system is my better choice.

I've looked a bit at the JC10 -- yes, it does seem appealing if the cfm is there for what I describe above.   I thought the JC10 was really just for brad/finish nailers.