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aluminum trim

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Hi folks i was wondering if any of use a pnuematic stapler to put up aluminum fascia .i have seen it on several job where these staples were used there about 3/16 crown staples. I figured that these would save alot of time. then hand nailing .

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We use a BEA(west german) narrow crown for shooting soffit. 3/4" staples. Works well, is fast and simple. We don't use it for exposed things, although I don't see why not for facia behind gutters.

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The only problem I can see with stapling aluminum where it won't be seen is the potential for galvanic reaction between the staples and the aluminum. But that is probably a minor concern.

Unfortunately, the bigger problem is that it may be considered cheesy by the person paying the bill.

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Looks like hell when face stapled. Only reason guys around here do it is (like it's been mentioned) when gutter is going to cover it. If it is to remain exposed, screw up through the bottom. Don't over tighten or it'll wrinkle like you never seen.