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Best stair jig???

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Any recommendations on quality stair jigs?  I found this one on Amazon.  Any feedback will be much appreciated.

I find this forum is a great way to research tools and I've made some nice/quality purchases based on the depth of experience here.  Thanks.


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I made a tool that does the same thing but it's not as nice as the one you found at amazon. I think i found the idea in finehomebuilding mag.
Pretty simple tool. although i keep meaning to tweek it a bit to be a better tool..... on the to do list next time i do stairs.

If you do stairs frequently then a nice little gadget like that does help . If your only doing one set, then it might be better to make your own. For the price though it seems like a good deal.


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Thanks, Ray.

Any idea of which Finehomebuilding mag you found the jig plans?  How long ago?  Approx?  I'd like to look at it.


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I dont remember who's these belong to, I think Mike Smith and maybe Snort, not real sure. I was going to steal them so I didnt really care whos they were!  <G>

You can probably build one of these for $5, save the money for something you cant make.

Sorry about the one big pic.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you.  That is SWEET.  I CAN make that, and I agree with you.  Now I can go out and buy another nice tool!!  You are the man.


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Go to   you will fine the best stair jig you can buy..

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What the original post was talking about was a jig to "template" the tread fit between the skirtboards.

Your housed router template link was nice however.  Semi steep cost for something you could make up a jig for (as was shown in a previous FHB artical I believe by Andy Engel.

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