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Bostitch Low Profile Framing Nail Guns

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 Bostitch released a low-profile nail gun (LPF33PT), which uses a  30 degree paper collated nail.  It is now my understanding that in the next few months they are releasing another low-profile nail gun (LPF28WW) that uses a 28 degree wire collated nail.  My questions are:

1) Do I need to give a lot thought between using a 28 degree or a 30 degree collated nail?
2) What are the upsides / downsides between using wire collated or paper collated nails?

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random thoughts.. (post #207232, reply #1 of 1)

paper tapes don't like rain but feed fast when intact.

wire welds are more durable in the strip phase than any but is the last style you want to accidentally shoot yourself with. The wire left on the nail after shooting is like a barb on a fish hook. 

Some wire welds are available with a fairly full round head, a real plus over the clipped heads. 

I haven't priced them in a long while but once upon a time the paper tapes were most expensive of all styles.

Also you want to check on local availability, different areas favor different styles.